Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Fan Fiction Archive
Ashley J
"Across the Stars"
A recurring nightmare causes Byron Sully to set out in search of the best friend he hasn't
seen in years. Willthey be able to pass the test of time and separation?

"After Boston"
(Sequel to "A Boston Affair")
As Michaela and Sully set out for Colorado Springs, Michaela must learn to deal with her
position in society when she reaches the frontier town.

"After the Dance"
Taking place after the Season 2 episode Best Friends, Michaela and Sully discuss the
lady doctor's fears and insecurities about their blossoming courtship.

"Already There"
Sully is forced to leave home. Michaela must cope with raising
their family alone until he returns.

"The Appointment"
A modern Michaela and Sully enjoy some time together after Sully returns
from a trip to Denver. They are in for a big surprise the next day during
an appointment with Dr. Bernard!

"Ashes and Embers"
When everything Michaela and Sully know and love and have
created in their new life together is threatened by a violent storm,
will they be able to overcome the aftermath?

"August Heat"
Michaela and Sully celebrate their three month anniversary.

"Baby Talk"
Alternate version of the events in Season 6. Upon reuniting with his family on Christmas
Eve, Sully reconnects with Michaela, and they discuss their impending arrival.

"Back to Normal"
A short I wrote a while back revolving around Katie's first day of life.

"Because I Love You"
A challenge fic. Takes place during "Where the Heart Is." What
would have happened if Michaela hadn't gotten off of the train?

"Before You"
Michaela Quinn and Byron Sully meet under extraordinary circumstances. Will the
circumstances of their individual lives get in the way of a true relationship,
or will it bring them closer together?

"Better With Time"
Michaela nervously awaits her husband's return home, and she begins
to wonder if something has changed between them.

(Sequel to "Heartsong")
After tragedy strikes, several citizens of Colorado Springs try to pick
of the pieces left behind. The Sully family starts planning to expand.

"Born Again"
Horace and Myra are planning to have their whole lives ahead of them as soon as her
contract with Hank runs out. When something big happens that drives a wedge in their plans,
will Horace and Myra still be together in the end?

"A Boston Affair"
Michaela Quinn and Byron Sully meet in a different way... when Michaela is twenty five,
beginning her career as a doctor, and living in Boston. Will their different backgrounds
get in the way of the love that develops between them?

"The Break of Dawn"
After finding out he's going to be a father, Sully has a rough time getting to sleep.
He and Michaela find another way to tire once she wakes at his side.

"Breaking Point"
Michaela and Sully have everything they could want. Nice jobs, a nice house and a
beautiful six-month-old baby. Just as they're about to take another step in their
lives, one afternoon in the park changes everything forever.

"A Change for Katie"
Taking place after "Revolutions," and altering the storyline, Katie finds herself feeling
jealous and notimportant as the birth of her sibling draws near.

"China Doll"
This is a small rewrite of what happened between Dr. Mike and Sully during Bad Water.

"Christmas Morning"
Michaela and Sully spend a quite Christmas morning in bed before the children wake.

"Come Back for Me"
During "The Epidemic," Sully begins to believe that Michalea may not recover. He speaks
from his heart while she's unconscious. What will happen when she wakes?

"Counting the Minutes"
Michaela is desperate to get out of the grasp of an obsessive, abusive, controlling
husband. Will she be able to escape with her and her children's lives, or will she
ultimately end up paying the ultimate price to spare her children?

"Darker and Darker"
Michaela and Sully begin their honeymoon on the train to Denver. Takes
place on the darker and darker scene from "For Better or Worse."

"The Darkest Hour"
When tragedy strikes the QuinnSully family, will hope bring upon a miracle
that the citizens of Colorado Springs desperately need and want?

"Dear Katie"
Michaela pens a letter to her newborn daughter.

Michaela and Sully have never moved on after losing someone very
dear and precious to them. What happens when their lives are
turned upside down when that very person returns?

"End of the Road"
Michaela, Sully, and their precious daughter Katie are living a comfortable life
in the Colorado Territory.One fateful evening, their lives are changed forever.

"The Engagement"
Michaela and Sully discuss their engagement after the sweat
lodge scene in "Return Engagement."

"Eternal Changes"
(Sequel to "Miracles Unbound")
Just as Michaela and Sully adjust to having a spare bedroom,
someone new and troubled enters their lives, giving them more to
take on than they ever imagined.

"A Father's Worry"
Sully and Michaela discuss their worries about the pregnancy.
Sully tries to stop imparing his joy over the pregnancy because
of what happened in the past.

"The First Night"
Michaela and Sully are back from their honeymoon, and they enjoy
their first night home together in the privacy of their bedroom.

"For Us"
What if Michaela and been the one to spy Sully with Catherine at the clinic?

"Free Falling"
Sequel to Hidden Embers. Michaela and Sully have their first argument, an a
near fatal accident causes them to realizes how silly their feud really was.

"From a Distance"
Dr. Michaela Quinn meets Byron Sully, a man who has been
broken in nearly every way, and she sets out to help him get his life
back in order. Friendship ensues, and romance begins to blossom.

"Grandmothers and Granddaughters"
Michaela meets her new granddaughter, and realizes that Colleen is
having more difficulties adjusting to motherhood that she's letting on.

"Halfway There"
 (Sequel to "Free Falling")
Sully, Michaela and the children stay at a hotel in St. Louis on their
way home to Colorado Springs. Michaela is called to an emergency.

"The Heart Divided"
Unfortunate circumstances lead Sully and Michaela to take their first grandchild into
their care. When legalissues arise, will they be able to keep their family together?

"The Heart Yearns"
(Sequel to "Without You")
Part 2 of the Without You series. Three months after having
baby Byron, Michaela faces going home to Colorado Springs, still
believing Sully's dead. Meanwhile, in Denver, Sully's connection to
Michaela might not be completely severed after all.

(Sequel to "Life Goes On")
Sully embarks on a quest to rescue his kidnapped wife.

"Hidden Embers"
Sequel to Out of the Cold. Michaela and Sully try to break the news of their
engagement to Michaela's mother. Sully has a surprise for his wife-to-be.

"Hold Me"
Re-write of the cave scene in "The Abduction Part 2"
        This story depicts graphic sex between two consenting, unmarried adults.

"Holding on to April"
Taking place in Season 6, Sully offers himself to the army in hopes of a pardon just
as Michaela receives unexpected news. Author's Note: I'm using my creative license to
make up a specific herb in this story. I've never heard of it, and if it does exist,
probably not for the specific purpose I've assigned to it.

"Hush Little Baby"
The next Sully child is due to be born, but sadness keeps the family from celebrating.

"I Just Wanted You to Know"
(Sequel to "Just the Truth")
Taking place after "Just the Truth," Michaela and Sully must now
tell Elizabeth about their newly-professed love for one another.

"I Know You"
(Sequel to "The Heart Yearns")
Part 3 of the Without You series. Michaela, Brian, Katie, and little Byron reunite
with Colleen and Matthew in Denver, while Sully continues
to try to piece together his flashes of memories and figure out who he is.

"I'll Follow You"
This is shorter than a short story, I'd say. Depends on how you look at it. A little vignette,
if you will, about Michaela and Sully. A little different than what I normally do.
Vignette - a moment in time. That's what this is.

"I'll Try"
(Sequel to "I Know You")
Part 4 of the Without You series. Michaela must deal with
facing the husband that she has believed to be dead for the past
year. Will she be able to help him remember?

"The Intruder"
After being attacked in the middle of the night, fear grips Michaela's
every waking moment. Will Sully be able to help her?

"In the Kiss" with Jules Griffith
A Coauthored Short that explores the night of Happy Birthday,
and WHY Sully turns away after he kisses Michaela for the first time.

"Just Dinner"
Michaela and Sully meet in Boston and become immediately fascinated with one
another. What happens when they only have one night to fall in love?

"Just the Truth"
What if Michaela hadn't let Sully leave after William's proposal in "Where the Heart Is?"

"Letting Go"
Michaela is injured in a storm, and when Sully takes care of her, their relaxing bath
turns into much more. Michaela tries to convince Sully to let go of his fear of
hurting her. This story is NOT for kiddies!

"Life Goes On"
(Sequel to "Rock-a-Bye")
Michaela and Sully adjust to life with newborns while jealousy
gets the better of one of the children. Meanwhile, Holly struggles
with difficulties following finding her daughter.

"A Light in the Window"
Michaela Quinn arrives in Colorado Springs not knowing what to expect.
What happens when she she meets Sully and a mutual attraction occurs?
Will their relationship blossom past attraction?

"A Love That Heals"
On her first trip to Colorado Springs, Michaela Quinn experiences a tragedy that
ultimately puts her in the care of a gentle mountain man, Sully.

"Making Miracles"
A series that changes and adds to the events that transpired in Season 4. Each part
revolves around one episode. Part I begins with Season 4 Episode 1 and so on.

"Many Happy Returns"
Taking place after "Happy Birthday," Michaela and Sully say goodnight after their kiss.

"Memoirs of a Lady Doctor"
A Work in Progress story following Michaela Quinn from her birth in Boston through the
rest of her life. What paths will she take? What hardships will she over come? Will she
find the man she's supposed to spend the rest of her life with?

"Michaela's Rose"
After Michaela races Flash, she receives some unexpected visitors at the homestead.
Later, Michaela and Sully spend some time together at Willow Creek.

"Miracles Unbound"
(Sequel to "Blessed")
Michaela gives Sully some exciting news while Robert E. and Grace ponder adoption.

"Mood Swing"
With Michaela's due date so close, her mood swings are becoming stronger and more
frequently. Will Sully be able to survive them until his child is born?

"One More Miracle"
Sully realizes how lucky he is to be a father, and Michaela asks him a very special question.

"Out of the Cold"
(Sequel to "Starting Fires")
Michaela and Sully celebrate their engagement.

"Parting Words"
Fills the gap between Sully comforting Michaela and
her departure to Boston in "Where the Heart Is."

"Past Mistakes"
Brian receives a shocking visit from his birth father. What will happen
to trigger some repressed emotions to surface in Brian? How will Brian
react to his father's news?

"The Phoenix"
Sequel to "Through the Darkness." Michaela and Sully continue on their journey out west.
They meet new friends and begin to build a life together. Will the horrible nightmare
of Michaela's past catch up with them or be left forever in Boston?        

"The Photograph"
After Daniel Watkins takes his photo of the citizens of Colorado
Springs, Michaela and Sully are left with their feelings
for one another, and both are lost in which direction they should take.

"The Picnic"
Michaela and Sully enjoy an afternoon picnic together. Takes place
during "Mothers and Daughters." Warning: This fic contains a consensual
sexual situation between two married people.

"Pieces of Me"
As Sully searches for Michaela and the Dog Soldiers, Michaela fights for her life. When
Sully finds her, he knows his life is about to change forever.

"Poppy's Dance"
Before his youngest daughter's wedding, Sully remembers all of the good times he's spent
with her, and he tries to let go and look forward to the future.

After Daniel departs in "A House Divided," Michaela and Sully make up.

"Remember When"
Michaela Quinn reminisces about her life with her husband, Byron Sully.

After "The Abduction," Sully and Michaela discuss their relationship and their feelings
for one another. Can Michaela forgive and trust Sully after what happened with Catherine?
Can Sully help Michaela in her time of need?

(Sequel to "A Season of Miracles")
Michaela and Sully prepare for the birth of their first child. Myra
decides who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. The Cooper
children adjust to Dr. Mike's constant mood swings.

"Scrapes and Bruises"
After the cattle drive, Michaela goes to get cleaned up at a
nearby creek. What will happen when Sully intrudes on her
bath? Will his fears for her safety finally be put to rest?

"A Season of Miracles"
(Sequel to "Something Borrowed, Something Blue")
Michaela and Sully deal with married life, the joy it brings and the trials they face.

"Shadow Fever"
Takes place during Season 1's "Bad Water." Michaela and
Sully spend a very frustrating night together. Warning: This
contains material that has (probably) not been put into a DQ fanfic
before. I must warn you that it contains a pre-marital sexual situation,
it may offend some people, and it is very "out of character" for the
most part. It's a fantasy. I wrote it on a whim. I enjoyed it. So if
you don't think you will, please turn back NOW.

"Shall We?"
After their oldest daughter's wedding, Sully presents
the mother of the bride with a special gift.

"Shared Enthusiasm"
Continuing the first "I appreciate your enthusiasm" scene in
"Mothers and Daughters," Michaela and Sully show one
another how much they appreciate each other's enthusiasm.

"Sisters of the Heart"
When Michaela and Sully can't find a home for an orphaned child, they must decide
whether or not to keep the child or send it to a Denver orphanage.

"Snowed In"
Continuing from the end of the Pilot episode, Michaela offers
to let Sully sleep at the homestead to keep warm that night, and
both secretly discover that their feelings are a little more than
friendly toward one another.

"Something Borrowed, Something Blue"
(Sequel to "After Boston")
With the wedding approaching, Sully tries to help Michaela
cope with the fact that Charlotte is rapidly ailing all while trying
to keep their new family together.

"Starting Fires"
A rewrite of the laying a fire scene from "Where the Heart Is."

"The Strongest Woman"
With Michaela feeling guilty about the happenings in "The Offering,"
Sully offers her a shoulder to lean on.

"Their Miracle"
Michaela and Sully anxiously await the birth of the child
they nearly lost. Alternate storyline.

"Things I Could Never Say"
The week before Katie Sully's wedding, she stumbles upon unread
love letters from her parents' past and begins to relive the amazing,
tumultuous journey of two soulmates. Upon doing so, she begins to
make discovers about herself.

"Through the Darkness"
After Michaela is physically and emotionally assaulted, she
must try to find herself again. Will her best friend Sully be
able to help her, or will she slip further into turmoil?

"Til the Day I Die"
(Sequel to "From a Distance")
After boarding the train to Denver from Boston, Sully and Michaela
embark on a journey of pain, healing and love with Albert and Lydia.

"To the Stars"
After becoming "re-acquainted" after 'Having it All,' Michaela and
Sully have a heart-to-heart and share a romantic dance.

Taking place during the Pilot episode, Michaela and Sully open up to
one another while camping at the Cheyenne reservation. This story
contains graphic sex between two consenting, unmarried adults.
Warning: This short story contains a graphic sexual encounter
between two consenting, engaged adults. If pre-marital
sex offends you, please turn back now.

"Until Tomorrow"
A storm blows in on the night before Michaela and Sully's wedding.
Michaela goes to check on her groom-to-be and passion erupts.

"Walk With Me"
What if Michaela had taken Sully up on his offer to go on a walk
after their night at the opera in Where the Heart Is?

"What Counts"
After Michaela arrives home from Boston and tells Sully she loves him,
the two take a little walk and talk about their feelings for one another.

"What the Heart Wants"
(Sequel to "Breaking Point")
Two and a half years after the kidnapping, Michaela and Sully are still happily married,
have three beautiful children. But when a change at Sully's job occurs, will the
consequences tear the family apart forever?

"When the Bough Breaks"
(Sequel to "What the Heart Wants")
As Michaela and Sully prepare for the birth of their fourth
child and the impact it will have on their little family, another plan
is set in motion that might change that forever.

"When the Sun Comes Up"
Another Bad Water rewrite centering around the morning after
Michaela and Sully fall asleep together in the rain.

"When You Weren't There"
Taking place somewhere during A Place Called Home, Michaela tries
to come to terms with the fact that she miscarried. When things get
out of hand, will Sully be able to save her from herself?

"Where I Want to Be"
Taking place between the end of the 4th season and the beginning of
the 5th, Michaela and Sully find it hard to say goodbye with little Katie
so young when Sully must go to Denver for a few days.

"Where There's a Will"
When a medical crisis brings the Sully family together, one member faces a crisis of
faith in herself, while the others wait and can only hope for the best.

"Without You"
Part 1 of the Without You series. With the birth of her child
fast approaching, Michaela must come to terms with the
fact that Sully won't be there to see his baby born.